The club is meeting every 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at Tibenham Community Hall which start at 7.30pm.


6th Feb Macro or Close Up Photography - Digital - Small Room. Competition

You may submit up to 4 images of either of the above. We have covered these topics over the previous year. We thought it would be a good opportunity for you to submit your images taken during our sessions or produce new ones. I know we have some members who have some particular good macro lens so this is an opportunity to shine. Plus for those with fixed lenses or not so powerful lens time to think out of the box and be creative in your approach.

20th Feb Photo Book - Pam Anderson - Small Room.

Pam Anderson will take the lead on this night's session. Pam will demonstrate how to put together a Photo Book. There have been a number of you interested in this topic. This is a marvellous way to save your most precious memories for your family.

5th March 4 Images To Be Edited - Ian Anderson - Small Room - Critique.

Ian Anderson will be organising and taking the lead. This was an extremely popular evening a number of years ago, it showed how we all approach and see the image differently. Ian will send out 4 unedited images to you all for you to edit and post process.

Good luck and looking forward to seeing what can be achieved.

19th March Practical T.B.A.

2nd April Lucky Dip - Pete and Denise Leonard - Small Room.

You have all I hope received your four slips of paper each with a topic. If you lose them do not worry Pete has a list. Your topics, your interpretation. Once again in years gone by this was an enjoyable exercise. Creating and taking an image that corresponds with your four individual titles.

16th April Practical - Video Mode - Martin Kelly - Large Room.

Martin Kelly will lead this evening. Will shall be using video mode. Filming, zooming etc.

Finding our way around our cameras. You will need a larger SD card for this evening.

7th May Practical T.B.A. Large Room

21st May Evening Photoshoot - Video Mode - No Booking in Hall.

Will shall be undertaking an evening photoshoot outside using Video Mode. Venue to be chosen,

4th June Photojournalism - Event - 4 Images - Digital - Small Room.

You can submit up to four images. The title is Event, I hope by this date you would have been to a number of events. The Races i.e. Cars, Bikes, Horses and Boats to name but a few. Fete and Fairs, County Shows, Tractors and Steam Fairs etc. With your four images talk us through the Event in your own words.

18th June A.G.M. A.V- Competition - Large Room.

Our Annual General Meeting. Audio Video Competition. Hopefully with us covering this summer a practical and evening out in video mode we shall see a few more entries using video in your A.V. competition. We had some really good entries last year. It would be nice to view a few more.


Please note that the above Programme may be subject to change or cancellation.

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