Welcome to the Bunwell and District Camera Club website. We hope you enjoy the contents of the site and if you would like to join in with our activities, why not pop along to one of our meetings or send us a note through our "contact" page.


Upcoming events for 2024

19th March Photography on a Shoestring - Ken Catchpole - Practical - Large Room.

We will be experimenting with everyday items from around the home, you could say Blue Peter method meets Photography. Working with jars, paper, water, glue, flowers and water.


2nd April Lucky Dip - Pete and Denise Leonard - Small Room.

You have all I hope received your four slips of paper each with a topic. If you lose them do not worry Pete has a list. Your topics, your interpretation. Once again in years gone by this was an enjoyable exercise. Creating and taking an image that corresponds with your four individual titles.


16th April A.I. And Photography - Presentation - Martin Shepherd - Small Room

Martin’s Presentation will consider all aspects of the use of A.I. in image making. He will cover manipulating images before the advent of digital techniques, the original applications of machine learning in Photoshop, its current applications in camera autofocus, smartphone cameras and editing, the application of generative pre-trained transformers in image creation together with its availability and limitations, and start a discussion on the future of photography.







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