2019 / 2020

Shadows Print Competition - November 2019



    1st place - Brian Camp                2nd place - Steve Milner                3rd place - Tina Tubby          Highly Commended - Pete Leonard

      "Shadow on the past"                  "Stare from the Shadows"                    "Chain Reaction"                           " What's your poison ?"



Open Digital Comp - August 2019


     1st place - Caroline Tillett                              2nd place - Colin Guthrie                            3rd place - Irene Jones

            "Reluctant Bather"                                                "Barry"                                                        "Nightfrost"

Congratulations also to Ken Catchpole, Caroline Tillett, Harry Tonge and Terry King who received "Commendations" from our judge for the evening Nick Akers.


"By the Sea" - Digital Competition - September 2019



     1st place - Caroline Tillett                            2nd place - Peter Leonard                               3rd place - Irene Jones

           "Human Impact"                                             "Out of the Wind"                                                 "See Shell"


Highly Commended - Colin Guthrie                        Commended - Denise Leonard                                  Highly Commended - Peter Leonard

             "Kite Surfer"                                                  "Hands on Hips"                                                               "Watching"

                              Thanks to our judge for the evening - Mike Lloyd - Chairman of Beccles Camera Club



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